Wednesday, 27 February 2013

1st Ever Blogging Experience

Hello everyone,

I am totally new to the blogging universe so hold with me until I get to grips with everything. I have been talking about starting up my own blog for so long now and I finally worked up the courage to do it. Yippee!!

I can’t wait to get reading other blogs on here. Especially ones with similar interests to me. (I am a pretty random person in terms of interests.) I suppose like any other person who starts a blog, they want to be able to speak about things they are passionate about with a free and open-mind. I have plenty of passions in life; one being music (all types; heavy metal to opera, if I like the sound I’m going to listen).

At the moment I am focusing on one passion and that’s writing. I have just completed my first novel entitled, Watch Over My Life. This novel is about twenty-five year old, Jessica Connors, a woman who is having an affair with her power-driven boss, Jake; a man she has despised since she was five years old. Her hot and steamy love-affair with the devastingly handsome, Jake Williams traps her up in his sexiness and there is no going back. They fall in love, like most people do in romantic novels, but there’s a twist. I know what your thinking, isn’t there always a twist? You’re right, the majority of time, us writers like to throw in a curve ball, or two. In this case, my main character discovers she is pregnant. She risks her own life to give Jake a chance to be a father; all the while hiding a devastating secret from him – she is dying. She has a choice to make. Her life, or the life of her unborn child?

But Jessica is hit with a past that continues to haunt her, and threatens everything she fought so hard to hide.

I would like to post some sample chapters; not just from this novel but other novels I am working on, so any feedback you may have would be greatly appreciated. I am also in the process of sending this to agents, some of whom have shown interest. Fingers crossed! Get in touch. I would love to hear from you.


Write the way to the top!

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